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Welcome to The Guitar Store, Southampton, where we present the diverse and budget-friendly world of NUX Guitar Effects Pedals. Elevate your guitar playing experience with NUX, a brand known for its innovative designs, affordability, and exceptional quality.

Micro Pedal Range: Discover the incredible affordability and impressive performance of the NUX Micro Pedal range, where creativity meets compact design. Starting at just £40, these pedals pack a punch, offering a wide array of tones to enhance your playing without breaking the bank.

Cerberus - All-in-One Multi-Effect Pedal: For those seeking an all-in-one solution, explore the NUX Cerberus Multi-Effect Pedal. Traditionally laid out for manual parameter adjustments, the Cerberus allows you to shape your sound precisely. From modulation to distortion, delay, and more, this versatile pedal is a powerhouse of creativity.

MG-400 Multi-Effect Pedal: Step into the future of effects with the NUX MG-400 Multi-Effect Pedal, a comprehensive unit housing a plethora of presets and effects. Perfect for players who desire convenience without compromising on variety, the MG-400 provides instant access to a wide range of tones, making it an ideal choice for both stage and studio.

At The Guitar Store, Southampton, we're excited to offer the NUX range, allowing musicians of all levels to access high-quality effects at affordable prices. Whether you're a beginner exploring your sonic palette or an experienced player seeking versatility, NUX Guitar Effects Pedals provide a gateway to limitless possibilities.

Visit us in-store or online to explore the NUX range at The Guitar Store, Southampton, and take your guitar playing to new heights with cutting-edge technology and budget-friendly innovation.

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