Clean frets, oil fingerboard, adjust truss rod, restring, cut nut, check and adjust intonation, set the action (to your preferences), clean & polish body. Strings not included in price.

Acoustic Guitars - £45

Bass & Electric Guitars - £50

Electric Guitars with locking trem - £56

12 String Acoustics - £60

Extra Charge of £2 for addtional strings (e.g. for 7 or 8 string guitars)

Fret Dressing (If Required) Grind out fretwear, re-profile frets, sand and polish frets. All Guitars, when done as part of a setup - £25



Clean frets, oil fingerboard, adjust truss rod and set trem. Strings not included in price.

Acoustic  - £10

Bass Guitar - £15

Electric Guitar - £15

Electric Guitars w/locking trem - £21

12 String Guitars - £20



New Pot - £30 inc part

Input Socket - £25 inc part

New Selector Switch - £50 inc part

Fit New Pickups - 1st £40 (includes a re-string but excludes strings), 2nd £20, 3rd £5 (Add £15 for semi-acoustic guitars)



Standard charge of £75 for most repairs which always includes a full service, excluding parts. If parts needed you will be contacted to advise costs, turnaround is about 5 working days! For valve amps we use either Groove Tube or Marshall branded valves, and regularly keep stock of various forms of preamps and power amp valves.

Guitar Lessons
Guitar Lessons