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Coronavirus Pandemic

We are now working within Government guidelines and the shop is back to something close to normal! Staff, for their own safety and that of their families will still wear a mask but for customers it is down to your own desecration. Hand sanitiser is available at numerous points in the shop and must be used before and after trying a guitar.


Update 28 July 2021

Our UK courier (DPD) appears to be operating normally, but because of a general increase in online orders, some customers may experience minor delays to their order as the couriers come under extra strain. We currently believe that delays will be no more than 24 hours beyond the "normal" delivery expectation.

Following Government advice, delivery drivers are no longer asking customers to sign mobile devices to confirm delivery. The driver will sign confirmation, in front of you, instead.

Overall Status

Here at The Guitar Store Southampton we would like to thank you for your support during these worrying and uncertain times. Our customers, and their continued support mean everything to us and our business – please stay safe. Making music, at any level, can help reduce stress and bring a state of normality in a World that is currently far from normal. Keep playing.

Jamie, Colin and Tony

July 2021

Now that we are back open we are trying to keep things as normal as possible so please be assured that we will be following Government Guidelines and a 'common sense' policy based on best practice to ensure the safety of both our customers, and staff.

The following measures have been put in place throughout the shop and we will continue to update and 'tweak' how we operate safely as required:

  • - All counters / phones / door handles will be cleaned regularly
  • - All member of staff will initiate their own safe / clean routine prior to leaving their home
  • - All member of staff's health will be monitored and any found showing signs of illness will be sent home immediately
  • - Customers will be required to ask a member of staff before picking up any instruments to ensure the instrument is safe to handle.
  • - Any instrument tested by a customer will be isolated and cleaned before being returned for sale
  • - Staff will wash their hands at least once an hour or after handling any items that may have been handled by another person, they will maintain a 2 metre distance from others and refrain from handshakes
  • - Please feel free to call us on 02380 339668 before you set out to travel if you want to check stock availability or are interested in trying an item of equipment.  


Stay safe and keep playing

Jamie Goatley
(Managing Director)