Colin, our director, has always wanted himself a '54 Les Paul. The extremely rare chance to own one of these beasts came to be, when Gibson emailed us directly, saying they had two available for the UK market. Without even looking at the price, our Colin ordered one straight away and eagerly awaited its arrival.

One week passed, and a promising guitar shaped box arrived in the post.. Gibson '54 Les Paul printed on the outside. The chief was so excited. Unboxing it like a kid at Christmas, Colin was mortified to see the headstock had been broken by the courier service, and this £5000 guitar was pretty much useless. Disappointment reigned. Colin felt so deflated and his sombre mood echoed throughout the week. He hasn't been that annoyed since his Granny joined the Gurkhas.

We thought we'd try our luck and see if Gibson had the remaining model available. They did not. It looked like Colin's dream of a '54 Les Paul was to be postponed once more.

Then an email shot through from Gibson - they had another available, and it had been set aside for us! It was delivered the very next week and when it arrived we opened the case with much apprehension, there shone a beauty like no other. T'had been realised - Colin's dream of a 54 Les Paul had come to fruition. It plays amazingly well, it's light, responsive, and everything he wanted in a guitar. It's now his favourite guitar and he can't put the damn thing down!!