Guitars in Hampshire from The Guitar Store Located at
62-66 Commercial Road, Southampton, Hampshire.
Phone: 02380 339668
Guitars Southampton from The Guitar Store specialists in Southampton guitars
Guitars Southampton from The Guitar Store specialists in Southampton guitars

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Guitar Store Southampton

Guitars Southampton - We were established in 1987 and have been a music shop faithfully serving families, musicians and collectors ever since. Now with a Brand New Drum Store, stocking Gretsch, TAMA, Meinl, Mapex, Vic Firth, Sonor, LP, Gibraltar, Pro Sound, Stagg, Aquarian, Evans, Remo and more!

Mon - Sat 10:00 to 17:30
Sunday 11:00-16:00

We stock some of the biggest & best brands in the world, such as Gibson (Custom Shop, USA) Fender (Custom Shop, USA, Japanese & Mexican), PRS, Ibanez, Schecter, Epiphone, Musicman, Rivera, Blackstar, Marshall, Vox, and many, many more.  Our Acoustic store stocks Martin & Co, Gibson, Taylor, Collings, Tanglewood, Takamine, Fender, Ibanez, Ozark, Mahalo Ukeleles and loads more!

Over 250 pedals in stock from boutique and mainstream brands such as Fulltone, T-Rex, Keeley, Strymon, Moonphaser, MXR, Mooer, Wampler, Carl Martin, Rivera, Rocktron, Boss, Electro Harmonix, Blackstar, Vox, Dunlop, and MORE!

Now stocking Pro Audio ,Recording,Studio Equipment, Audio Interfaces and Sound Cards, Recording Software, Midi Keyboards,Midi Controllers,Studio Monitors, Microphones. Main dealers and stockists for products from Focusrite,RME, Line 6, Roland, Zoom, Native Instruments, Avid Pro Tools, KRK, Sonodyne , Adam, Focal, Universal Audio Apollo, Rode, Sennheiser. M-Audio , Alesis and much more!

Our staff are all gigging musicians who have genuine tried-and-tested knowledge of everything we sell and give unbiased advice whether you are looking for your very first guitar or your 100th guitar pedal, or just a 50p plectrum.

Owner/MD Jamie Goatley. If the Guitar Store was a ship, he would be the owner and Captain.
Gear: The entire stock of the store, which sets him back 400 guitars or so..


Director Colin Towell, survival guru and published author.
Gear: Not enough to make him sound good!


Jonny Moody, Guitarist in the band "Please?" and drummer in the band "The Baps Band". Studied Fine Art at Winchester University and has an unhealthy addiction to Tomato Ketchup.
Gear: '62 Custom Shop Relic Strat, PRS Mira, The "Pleasocaster", Martin 00016gt, Custom built Vince Hockey, Tanglewood TSM, Regal Resonator, and frankly tonnes more.


Ed Mardello, guitarist in 'The Baps Band' & 'The Revivers' with an irritating posh boy voice and is 6ft 3.
Gear: Of Golden


'Lewy' Lewis Hiscock, guitarist in the band 'Chebs' and part-time troll booth worker. Has been tainted already from 3 years working with us here.
Gear: Fender Blackout Tele, Tanglewood TW1000, Ibanez MC200DS Something like that. Blackstar endorsee. Ray Ban sunglasses Endorsee.

Bearing a weirdly uncanny resemblance to Johnny Marr, a young Steve Stevens and Loki from The Avengers, our newest member of Staff, Tom-Tom-Tommy Hodgie Hodgeson.